Rahi Team

Mr. Neeraj Gupta - C.E.O

His expertise range from off the cuff publicity ideas, brilliance in celebrity Management, crisis management, people skills and a strong business sense. All of this and more has been learnt by him over a period of time, dedication, the knack for putting together a good team of experts and no formal degrees.

Mr. Harish Kataria

Sr. Manager – Media Relations
Harish's humble beginning as a photographer, to someone second in command to the CEO, speaks high volumes of his dedication and sincerity. He not only heads the admin


Began his career as an assistant director and successfully worked with many Film & television Production houses.

Mr. Deepak Sahu

Sr. Executive – Media Relations

Deepak possesses a reservoir of Media Contacts and has built this strong network to cascade any news like wild fire. This media enthusiast not only manages the back office controls of the company but also adds the fun quotient as a colleague.

Ms. Latika


Ms. Sanskrita